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Welcome to Crystal Harmony -

Home of The Element of Harmony Book

and the Crystal Energy Cards set.


We have five subjects on this web site:

This is a limited edition book written by Nat Bondar as a result of her profound clairvoyant investigation into the actual healing qualities of crystals and stones. It definitively answers the questions ‘why do minerals and stones have healing qualities’ and ‘how do they actually work’.
We have many different types of minerals here on offer. Virtually all of the minerals sold here are natural rough forms and not polished because all natural stones have their full energies as Nature intended them to be. We also have jewellery, gifts and many more lovely things!
This boxed set of 50 full colour cards is the latest published work of Nat Bondar. The images she has created on the cards are directly a result of her acute subtle vision. They have been designed with the purpose of aiding people to develop their own psychic abilities. They are entirely unique; there is no other card set like them.
See Auras in the pictures you submit by email!
Are You Psychically Healthy?
Did you ever wonder what your Aura may look like?
Do you feel as though you are not yourself?
Would you like to see the auras of people around you?
Do you feel irritable, impatient, or frustrated without reason?
Perhaps you like to know what kind of personality your friend, partner or even your boss has?
Maybe you are subject to the ill thoughts of others...


Last updated 31.10.2011.


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In this issue of 'Positive Health' magazine, we had an article published in 2004. Click to read the article.


In this 'Circles' magazine of the Theosophical Society in Scotland we had an article published about evolution in the Mineral Kingdom. This same article was then also published by the Theosophical Society in America's 'Quest' magazine. Click to read the article.