This web site is a little different to most, you’ll notice that we have kept the whole site simple with a ‘just the facts’ ethic about it… Well this really reflects our own personal nature.

We are Nat & Tony Bondar, we wrote and published The Element of Harmony book in 2004 and now because we’ve also just published the Crystal Energy Cards too; we have built this web site to provide availability and information about both of these. We also sell the 50 specific minerals that are detailed in the cards; in their ‘rough’ form. This is an unusual move because the mineral market is normally geared to provide nice, pretty crystals and stones in a condition that improves their aesthetic appeal and thus their sales…

Well, our energetic research of the minerals, spanning now 5 years, confirms to us that by and large, when minerals are cut and polished, their ability to create ‘mineral energy’ becomes reduced or diminished. It is this ‘mineral energy’ that enables them to have their different energetic qualities for healing and spiritual development. Therefore if you only use the ‘rough’ forms as Nature provides them; then you benefit from their ‘complete’ energy; if you use the polished versions; you don’t. This may be seen as a controversial statement; but we back it up with the most thorough, published explanations, if anyone doubts this – they just need to look at ‘The Element of Harmony’ book.

As many of the 50 minerals in the cards set are quite difficult to obtain in their Natural rough forms; we have arranged supplies specifically to provide stones for this market. When people start to use the cards and read the book; demand for unpolished and non-chemically treated minerals will inevitably rise.

So that’s why this web site is here.