book cover_resizeThe Element of Harmony is a book written for a purpose. We wrote it at the time because we couldn’t find any available books that definitively answered these key questions:

If a crystal or mineral has an energetic healing quality; why does it have that quality? – If for example, Amethyst was supposed to help relieve headaches and Rose Quartz was supposed to reduce nervous tension – how would we know it wasn’t actually the other way around? Why wouldn’t Amethyst help to reduce nervous tension and Rose Quartz help relieve headaches? – How would anyone actually be able to define what the ‘true’ qualities were?

Exactly how do crystals and minerals make beneficial changes to the mind and body? If a particular crystal is supposed to be able to improve the mental ability to concentrate – how does it do so? It is a mineral – a stone – a rock – how does a rock give you such an ability? Just because it says so in a book – is that enough? Do we just take it for granted that everything we read is true?

We looked at over 50 different crystal healing books and could not find the answers we were looking for. So, as Nat has extremely acute clairvoyant vision and can see subtle reality at will, including all energies in and around all minerals and the human body…

We decided to research the subject ourselves. We studied the subject entirely from ‘the inside’ – from the subtle energetic levels and as we learnt more and more of the subject – we went deeper and deeper into it. Eventually we defined the conclusion and the foundation for the whole concept of energetic healing as such. To be able to understand and appreciate the ‘answer’, you have to learn about different stages of reality and realise profound laws and principles of energy; without which it is impossible to grasp.
Many writers make a living from writing down their opinions about various subjects, healing included. Many do good work. However, comparatively few writers on the subject of healing put forward thorough, detailed explanations about statements they can make on the subject. In the field of crystal healing; no one had published energetic diagrams of what the energies of crystals actually look like, no one had published even the thought that chakras have in fact nothing to do with psychic and spiritual development. Who would dare to suggest that colour has absolutely nothing to do with the correct association of stones to chakras? Or that it is actually impossible to ‘balance’ or ‘clear’ a chakra? That ‘cleansing’ crystals is, by and large, a pointless exercise and at best is completely misunderstood by the majority of people that practice it.

How can we say such things! How can we dare to challenge the established traditions and cornerstones of ‘orthodox crystal healing’? Well we can say these things because we can explain why; and we detail the whys’ and ‘how’s in ‘The Element of Harmony’.

This Crystal Harmony web site is the only available source for ‘The Element of Harmony’. It was published as a limited edition in 2004 and we have a few hundred copies left. When they’re gone, we’ll reprint a second edition – but this may not be completed before 2009, so if you want to read a copy – get one now before they’re all gone!