Cards layout

The images throughout the card set were created over three years, with Nat Bondar carefully studying, through her own acute clairvoyance, the natural, subtle, mineral energies and then drawing what she saw. The pictures you see here today are entirely the result of her work. The accompanying text about the qualities of the minerals is also unique to her; she has not studied or looked at other writers’ works on Crystal Healing. Instead, she preferred her own extremely meticulous energetic research to define the subtle properties of the stones. When you can actually see the subtle energy threads, channels and ‘waves’ that interact with the energetic structure of the body – and you can perceive why one crystal has a certain association to a part of the body… you don’t need to study other people’s work.

These 50 cards are the only published images of the subtle energies of our Mineral Kingdom, they are unique in the world.